Florian Paul Schmidt is a freelance software developer/engineer based in Bielefeld, Germany. To keep him sane he is also an active amateur musician dabbling in different genres. Read on below for details.

Imprint / Impressum

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Software Development

I provide freelance software development services. I am available for interesting and challenging projects especially in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, big data, audio synthesis, robotics.


Here's a short and not exhaustive list of technologies I am familiar with:

Previous Projects / Employments

Open Source Software


I'm an active hobbyist/amateur musician. Genres I dabble in include:

Looking for classy music at your company dinner? Through my network of musician friends we can provide many different formats for different occasions.

Music Lessons / Musikunterricht

You want to learn about music theory? About guitar playing? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Sind sie auf der Suche nach Musikunterricht in den Bereichen Jazz-Gitarre/Harmonielehre? Ich stehe im Raum Bielefeld zur Verfuegung.

Listening Examples